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Chapters of Change: Healing Through Literature Book Group

Feb 24, 2024 at 11:00 AM to Mar 23, 2024
Made With Love, Washington, DC




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When & Where
Feb 24, 2024 at 11:00 AM EST to Mar 23, 2024
Made With Love
3419 18th Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20018
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Event Summary

Have you ever attended a book club meeting and felt like there was more left unsaid? Do you wish you had the space to dive into the intricate details of the book, exploring how it made you feel, unearthing memories, and processing the profound impact it had on you?


This is not your average book group!


We are excited to welcome you to this One Of It's Kind Bibliotherapy Book Series in Washington, DC facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselors Unique Jordan and Desiree Roberts!


As Black women, we are deeply committed to creating a safe and empowering space for us to explore not only our inner selves but also to challenge generational mindsets that may have shaped our perceptions of love. It's our belief that we, as Black women, deserve the utmost care and consideration, and sometimes, we haven't had the vocabulary or the space to fully identify and communicate our needs.


We hope this book journey provides you with the thoughts, words, and ideas that will help shift the narratives in your lives, empowering you to embrace love in all its forms. Together, we'll embark on a transformative exploration of love and self-discovery.


What is Bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic approach that harnesses the power of literature and reading to promote emotional and psychological well-being. It involves the intentional use of books, poetry, and other written materials as tools for healing and personal growth. Through the process of reading and reflecting on selected texts, individuals can explore and understand their own thoughts, emotions, and experiences.


Selected Text: all about love: NEW VISIONS by bell hooks


Book Group Discussions

Our discussions are not just surface-level chit-chat. We dive into meaningful conversations that allow you to share, learn, and connect with others on a profound level. You will learn practical skills derived from psychotherapy modalities and discover how to integrate them into your daily life. You'll walk away from each group with actionable tools that can facilitate transformative changes in your personal journey.


Whats Included:


  • 5, 90/min In-Person group sessions (Saturdays)
  • Structured book discussions facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Weekly Mindfulness Exercises
  • Curated Workbook (Themes from the book will be expanded upon)
  • Activities & Reflections
  • Confidential & Safe Space

*Book not included*


Note: This purchase is non-refundable.

Single Upfront Payment   

   - Participants may choose to pay a single upfront fee of $500 for the entire 5-week Book Series.

   - The payment must be made in full before the first group session. (2/24/2024).


Two Payments of $250

   - Alternatively, participants have the option to make two payments of $250 each.

   - The first payment of $250 is due before the first group session (2/24/2024), ensuring that participants are registered and confirmed for the entire series.


   - The second payment of $250 is due by the third week of the Book Series  (3/9/2024).

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