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Adult & Youth Community Leader's Peace Circle

Jun 21, 2024 at 6:00 PM to Jul 21, 2024 at 8:00 PM

PCC Garden
300 North Lotus Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644


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Event Summary

Join the Adult & Youth Community Leaders Peace Circle for a Juneteenth Celebration and Creative Conversations.

This conversation will focus on the community’s vision for an Austin art activation and how it can enhance the community's quality of life.

Event Details

Key Themes:

  • Historical Significance: The discussion will emphasize the importance of Juneteenth in African American history and its contemporary relevance.
  • Cultural Expression: Participants will explore diverse artistic representations that reflect the community’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Youth Engagement: A key focus will be ensuring the inclusion of youth voices in the planning process and providing platforms for young artists to showcase their talents.
  • Unity and Healing: The conversation will highlight the use of art to promote healing, unity, and a sense of belonging within the community.
    Community Suggestions:

Murals and Street Art:

  • Ideas will be shared about creating murals that depict significant moments in African American history and local heroes.
  • Interactive Workshops: Discussions will take place on organizing art workshops where community members can create collective art pieces.
  • Performances: We will explore suggestions for hosting performances by local musicians, poets, and dancers that celebrate African American culture.
  • Exhibits: Participants will discuss setting up exhibits that display historical artifacts, photographs, and stories from community members.

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