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Heels & Hustle Dance Class

Jun 7, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Soundbox Studios
3300 Chimney Rock Road
Studio E
Houston, TX 77056





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Unleash Your Power with Heels & Hustle Dance Class! 

Ladies, it's time to take center stage and own every moment with confidence and grace! Join us for Heels & Hustle Dance Class, where we celebrate the strength, beauty, and fierceness within every woman.

In our empowering studio space, you'll discover the true essence of sisterhood as we come together to groove, move, and inspire one another. Led by our passionate instructors, each class is a journey of self-expression and empowerment, designed to uplift your spirit and ignite your passion for dance.

From high-energy routines to soulful choreography, welcoming women of all skill levels to join our vibrant community. So slip into your favorite heels, unleash your inner goddess, and let's hustle together towards greatness!

Join the movement with Heels & Hustle Dance Class and step into your power like never before!

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