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Join us for an unforgettable experience, bringing together Cowgirls and Cowboys to celebrate the legendary hits of two iconic artists, Beyoncé and Megan thee Stallion.

Calling Cowboys and Cowgirls! 

Step up to the Hottie Hoedown, where we mix country charm with hip-hop glam!

Get ready to stomp ya' boots and shake those hips 'cause we're bringin' the heat!

The dance floor will be blasting with the hottest hits that'll make your heart race.

Come ready with your choreography so fierce you'll be a star on your own, right? 

You'll be bustin' moves you never knew you had. 

This is your time to shine on the dance floor with every step you take! 

We're breakin' barriers and bringin' folks together from all walks of life. 

Just know! This ain't our first rodeo.

We are back for ACT II

Music Rundown with DJ Mulan  

9 p.m. -- Doors open

10 p.m. -- Megan thee Stallion mix

11 p.m. -- "Cowboy Carter" Act II album play 

12 a.m. -- Black Girl Country Trap Mix

1 a.m. -- Experience Ends

Ain't nothin' like the Hottie Hoedown to make you feel alive, united by the magic of music, dance, and pure excitement!

So grab your partners and get ready to be blown away!

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