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In an effort to free our mind and bodies from the colonizing practices we encounter daily, our yoga event centers around meditation and wellness, where joy meets fitness and R&B flows through the body and breath. Our goals are to make yoga accessible, build a culture community, and have fun.


Meditation from 4 pm - 4:30 pm | Guided Yoga from 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm (please bring a yoga mat!) and freestyle Yoga dance from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Refreshments and merch while it lasts! Sorry no refunds.


We are three individuals 
Rob Jackson is an educator obsessed with storytelling, community building, and practical innovation. A DC event producer and performer since 2014, he uses movement and yoga to support youth and adults in tapping into their joy. 
Darrell Brown (RUNNINGOUTOFLINES) is a multi-dimensional DJ who curates soundtracks that incorporate songs from the hip-hop, r&b & soul genres. He acutely tunes into his environment to play music that elicits emotions and brings diverse crowds together. Here's a sample of our DJ's taste
Jordanna Hernandez is a queer, Chicane actor, writer, and educator. She’s a company member of 4615 Theatre Company. She tells stories of Chicane culture and all of its intersections. Her mission is to find light within darkness, transform it into art to heal the self and each other. 



In Real Life?  Indeed this event is IRL, you'll be joined by instructor Rue, and DJ R.O.L. on a slow-paced, restorative yoga kickback journey.


Who goin? In a blackbox that typically fits 150 guests, you'll share the space with less than 35 guests, who will be screened for vaccinations and required to wear a mask. A photo of your vax card does the trick. 


Dress-code? We'll be comfy, wearing the same thing we'd wear to an evening walk or our best bae-sweatpants + tee. So come in what's comfy and what you don't mind stretching your comfort-zone in. 


Where At? 
Anacostia Playhouse

2020 Shannon Place Southeast

Washington DC 20020