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Greenwood GOLF's Butterfly Golf Initiative is delighted to announce the upcoming Women's Golf Day at the renowned Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course in Charlotte, NC, on May 30, 2023.

3:30-4pm Meet&Greet/Refreshments
4-5pm Golf tips & Etiquette
5:20-7pm 9 hole Scramble (Beginners & Course Ready) "Newbies may attend as Learning Spectators"

This exciting event aims to bring women golfers together for a day of camaraderie, networking, and celebration of the beautiful game.

Women's Golf Day at Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course promises a memorable experience for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling 9-hole scramble, where they can showcase their golfing prowess and connect with fellow golfers who share a passion for the sport. The event offers an ideal platform for women to forge new friendships, build networks, and strengthen bonds within the vibrant golfing community.

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