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Join us for an inspiring evening with a dynamic panel, a lineup of explosive cultural performances & Cultural Cuisine Celebration Dinner.

In honor of Women's History Month, join us for an enriching evening with Dr. Ngozi Ezike, our distinguished keynote speaker and former director of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), now serving as CEO/President of Sinai Chicago hospital system. This event is a special celebration and tribute to the strengths and resilience of immigrant and refugee women and children. Often, we see kids standing next to their beloved parents at busy streets, practicing mendicancy, which has become the fastest-growing form of 'self-employment' in our midst. The mental health issues and concerns experienced by many refugees and immigrants have deeply touched our hearts, prompting us to raise awareness, offer prayers, and provide encouragement to those affected. It's crucial for them to know that we care and, most importantly, to realize that YahNweh | God has the best in store for them. He is aware of their current situations; therefore, giving up hope is not the answer!

Dr. Ezike will share her insightful keynote address, followed by a dynamic panel discussion led by Dr. Amara Enyia (Strategist, Public Policy, Social Impact | Event's Panel Moderator), Dr. Ana Vicky Castillo (ADDI | Founder/CEO: Afrolatinos Historical Society | Black Ancestors Museum), and Dr. Tade Akere, Director, Mental Health Services. Captivating performances will be presented by Muntu Dance Theater, classical Indian Dance by Natya Dance Theatre, Grupo Viva Panama, Poetry & Drums by EPA Ecos del Pacifico AfroColombian, and an Art Exhibition by Master Julio Cesar Montano. Soulful tunes will be provided by Ugochi (Artist/Host). Additionally, indulge in a delightful Cultural Cuisine Celebration Dinner and a Networking Reception. Your presence is highly valued as we honor the unique contributions of immigrant and refugee women in our community!

3% of ticket sales will go to an Igbo cultural & educational group and two charitable organizations dedicated to supporting immigrant and refugee causes. Additionally, a selection of impacted women will attend free of charge to receive our "The True Winners" Award (a tote full of necessities). We believe in giving directly! Be there to pray with us and help.

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