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The Cameroonian Experience" is set to debut on February 24th, 2024. Hosted by Dr. Jamal Bryant Senior Pastor, New Birth (MBC), Curated By Thierry Konguep featuring Designer Sylvie Makendi Cameroon Collection. Grand Matron Senator Donzella James & Founder Queen Ahneva Ahneva! This immersive exhibition will showcase the vibrant cultural tapestry of Cameroon, highlighting textiles, fashion, art, and music from 10 distinct regions. Experience Cameroon's rich heritage through textiles, garments, artifacts, artworks, and musical performances, providing a sensory journey through the heart of this extraordinary country.

Join us at the African Textile Museum's international reception opening ceremony of the Cameroonian Experience February 24, 2024, hosted at the prestigious Newbirth Campus. This promises to be a celebration of culture, empowerment, and the vibrant world of African textiles.
Event Highlights:
Date & Time: February 24, 2024
Location: Newbirth Campus
Aims of the ATM:
The African Textile Museum is not just a museum; it's a cutting-edge institution that empowers people to explore cultures worldwide. By attending the international reception opening ceremony of the Cameroonian Experience , you become a crucial part of shaping the future of this remarkable institution.
Empowering Africa Through Textiles:
As a guest, you're not just attending an event; you're becoming a part of the ATM family. Your presence and support will contribute to the lasting impact of the museum and, more importantly, help empower Africa through the rich medium of textiles. It's a collective effort to shape the future of the African Textile Museum and the communities it serves.
What to Expect:
Cultural Celebration: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry that the African Textile Museum represents.
Recognition: Witness the acknowledgment of individuals who have played a pivotal role in the museum's journey.
Community Building: Join the ATM family and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about cultural exploration and preservation.
How to Participate:
RSVP: Confirm your attendance to secure your place at this empowering ceremony.
Dress Code: Embrace the elegance of the evening with a touch of cultural flair.
Support: Your attendance is more than just a ticket; it's a statement of support for the museum's mission.
We Look Forward to Celebrating With You:
Be part of this historic moment as we come together to celebrate not only the African Textile Museum but also the collective efforts to explore, preserve, and empower cultures globally. Your presence at the international reception opening ceremony of the Cameroonian Experienceis an investment in the future of the museum and a testament to your commitment to cultural enrichment.
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