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Austin offers numerous economic, educational, and social opportunities just waiting to be discovered. You are invited to join us Juneteenth Weekend in Texas for a powerful weekend of knowledge, networking and cultural programming structured to show you how to tap in and find your tribe.
Black leaders, wealth builders, entrepreneurs and professionals from all across the state and beyond will gather at The Long Center, on Friday, June 17th for an inspiring day of uniquely curated professional and personal development and networking opportunities designed to refresh, restore, educate, and maximize connections.
Deeply rooted in and designed to enhance the Black experience, the Black X Conference will serve as a tremendous asset for employer recruitment and relationship-building efforts. Additionally - bXc is an excellent entryway for talented individuals to plug in to the city’s booming ecosystem and the AALI network.



Check In & Breakfast

Room: Main Lobby


The Black Paper 

Room: Rollins Theater

Community-Led Survey & Discussion of the Drivers Contributing to the Decline of the Black Population in Austin, Texas presented by MEASURE

10:00am  - Session Options 

Breakout Session 1A - Entrepreneurship X Opportunity

Room: Rollins Theater

Learn from an exceptional group of successful entrepreneurs and innovators as they speak about their journey in founding and scaling their ventures.

Breakout Session 1B - Employment X Affordability X Upward Mobility

Room: AT&T Conference Room

Austin is the fastest growing large metropolitan city in the country. Panelists will discuss how the population boom and steady stream of companies settling in the region positions the city to grow and expand the workforce pipeline and address challenges in making the city affordable for all to live, work, and play.


Breakout Session 1C - Health & Wellness X Quality of Life

Room: Gallery 701

Health is wealth. Investing in personal and collective efforts for physical, mental, and emotional health pays off big. Join the panelists as they discuss what it takes for individuals, families, and communities to thrive and foster a high quality of life for all.


11:30am  - Complimentary Lunch

Lunch & Expo Hall 

Room: Kodosky Lounge

Join us for lunch, and meet and greet with some of Austin's most impactful small businesses, nonprofits & community groups! 

1:00pm - Session Options 

Breakout Session 2A - Arts, Culture X Entertainment

Room: Rollins Theater

Austin has enjoyed a worldwide reputation and adoration for its arts and entertainment scene, which brings in tourists and dollars from all corners of the globe. But how has this benefited the talent? In this session, we will open up a conversation for Black artists and those who love them, to understand the issues and opportunities to support Austin’s Black arts scene.

Breakout Session 2B - Education X Community

Room: AT&T Conference Room

Education is a critical component of a thriving community and workforce. Join panelists in a critical conversation about opportunities and challenges of meeting the diverse educational needs of all children and families, in one of the fastest growing cities in the country.



Keynote Speaker - Jonathan Sprinkles

Room: Rollins Theater

Jonathan Sprinkles is the author of 14 books (including two international bestsellers), a TV personality, celebrity business coach, and award winning keynote speaker. He is the founder of The Connection Lab, an award-winning company that is on a mission to help people live bigger and lead better through the power of human connection.



Immerse yourself in one of our interactive sessions curated with intention to maximize connections.

Inspiration Station

Room: AT&T Conference

If you are in need of revitalizing conversation & connection, be sure to check in to the Inspiration Station for a session that's bound to leave you feeling inspired.

Mindfulness Corner

Room: Gallery 701

We invite you to check in to the Mindfulness Corner, slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body for the most rejuvenating session at the conference.

5:00pm - 8:00pm


Delight in the sound of DJ Kay Cali on the 1's & 2's and thrill in the tunes of Vinyl Fuzion featuring Clarence Riley 'Hip Hop Saxophonist'


Refund Policy
No refunds are available after June 1, 2022.