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California Greek Picnic Weekend

Jul 11, 2024 to Jul 14, 2024
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
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General Terms

By purchasing tickets to any California Greek Picnic event, you agree to adhere to the following media policy:

 1. Media Coverage:
 • All media coverage, including but not limited to photography, videography, and audio recording, must be conducted in accordance with local laws and regulations.
 • Media representatives are required to obtain explicit permission from California Greek Picnic organizers before capturing any content during the event.
 2. Personal Use:
 • Attendees are permitted to capture personal photos and videos for non-commercial use only.
 • Personal use content should not infringe upon the privacy or rights of other attendees.
 3. Commercial Use:
 • Any media content captured for commercial purposes, including promotional materials, advertisements, or commercial publications, requires prior written consent from California Greek Picnic organizers.
 • Unauthorized commercial use of media content obtained at the event is strictly prohibited.
 4. Sharing and Distribution:
 • Attendees are encouraged to share their personal photos and videos on social media platforms using designated event hashtags.
 • Sharing of media content must not violate the privacy or rights of other attendees or participants.
 5. Media Credentials:
 • Media representatives seeking official coverage of California Greek Picnic events must apply for media credentials in advance.
 • Media credentials grant access to designated media areas and provide permission for professional coverage of the event.
 6. Compliance:
 • Failure to comply with this media policy may result in the confiscation of media equipment, removal from the event premises, and legal action as deemed necessary by California Greek Picnic organizers.

By purchasing tickets to any California Greek Picnic event, you acknowledge and agree to abide by this media policy.

Thank you for your cooperation in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

Refund Policy

At California Greek Picnic, we work hard to deliver an exceptional experience for all our attendees. To ensure the smooth operation of our events and to maintain fairness for all participants, we have implemented a strict no refund policy for ticket purchases.

Once tickets are purchased, they are non-refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to:

 • Change of plans
 • Inability to attend the event
 • Dissatisfaction with the event

We encourage all customers to carefully review their ticket selection before completing their purchase. We also recommend considering purchasing ticket insurance if there is a possibility of changes to your plans.

By purchasing tickets to California Greek Picnic, you acknowledge and accept our no refund policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Item Transfer Policy

California Greek Picnic (CGP) is committed to providing an exceptional and secure experience for all attendees of our events. In line with this commitment, we have established a "No Ticket Transfer Policy" to regulate the transfer of tickets for our events.

Policy Statement:

  • Non-Transferability: Tickets purchased for California Greek Picnic events are non-transferable. This means that once a ticket is purchased, it is solely valid for the individual named on the ticket and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Identification Verification: Upon entry to the event venue, attendees must present a valid form of identification that matches the name on the ticket. This measure ensures that tickets are used by the intended recipient and helps prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Security and Fraud Prevention: The implementation of a no ticket transfer policy enhances security measures and minimizes the risk of ticket fraud and scalping. It helps maintain the integrity of our events and protects the interests of genuine attendees.
  • Exceptional Circumstances: In exceptional cases where a ticket holder is unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, California Greek Picnic may consider requests for ticket transfers on a case-by-case basis. Such requests must be made well in advance of the event date and are subject to approval by the organizing team.
  • Official Ticket Channels: Tickets for California Greek Picnic events should only be purchased through official channels designated by the organization. Any tickets obtained through unauthorized third-party sources may be deemed invalid, and entry to the event may be denied.
  • Conclusion: The "No Ticket Transfer Policy" reinforces our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees of California Greek Picnic events. We appreciate the cooperation of all participants in adhering to this policy, as it ultimately contributes to the success of our events.

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact California Greek Picnic.

California Greek Picnic reserves the right to update or modify this policy as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with our objectives.

When & Where
Jul 11, 2024 to Jul 14, 2024
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
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