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Country Grammar is all about our favorite classics from the 99" and the early 2000's! A time when the dance floor is where we would be found. 

So,  Knuck if Buck cause  I'm down for my hitters. Everybody will be in the club getting tipsy, the fellas might shoulder lean while the ladies shake it like a salt shaker, some will lean with it, and rock with but don't worry because we like the way you do it right thurr.


with DJ LMS + Such + Friends 

Country Grammar is a celebration of all our favorite hits from the 99 and the 2000s. We're dealing in NEWSTALGIA as we create a new energy around some of our favorite bangers! So if you're not afraid to dance, sing along and sweat it out a bit come join us!


there will be some seating available, first come first served of course.

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All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

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All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Age Restriction

21 +