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May 18, 2024 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
525 N Cascade Ave
525 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

CSBC Presents.... The Bridgerton Experience


Step into the enchanting world of the Regency era with our Bridgerton-inspired tea party hosted by CSBC!! Picture yourself amidst the lush gardens of a stately manor, where the air is perfumed with the delicate scent of freshly brewed tea, sandwiches and the beautiful images of pastel skirts fills the ambiance.

Guests are welcomed with the utmost elegance as they arrive in their finest Bridgerton-type attire, adorned with lace, ribbons, and jewels fit for a ballroom. The scene will be set with tables adorned with exquisite floral arrangements and delicate china, awaiting the delightful array of finger foods and impeccable drinks.

Sip on perfectly steeped tea served in delicate porcelain cups, or indulge in a glass of champagne or cocktail poured with grace. As you mingle with fellow guests, engage in lively conversations about the upcoming social season, gossiping about the latest scandals and intrigues of high society.

Between bites of dainty pastries and savory treats, partake in season-related games that add a whimsical touch to the festivities. 

As the afternoon sun begins to wane, bask in the warmth of newfound friendships and the joy of shared laughter, knowing that this Bridgerton-style experience will linger in your memories long after the tea party has ended.

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