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ForbesBLK Detroit Membership Meeting

Mar 27, 2024 at 7:00 PM EDT
Event Summary
Join us at the ForbesBLK Detroit Membership Meeting on March 27th, 2024, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, where innovation meets impact! Discover the essence of ForbesBLK as we unveil our year's achievements, financial strides, and the dedicated individuals shaping our local Advisory Council.
In this virtual gathering, we will introduce you to the influential minds behind the Detroit Advisory Council, each bringing unique expertise to drive our community forward. Engage in our call to action as we explore strategies for membership growth in the vibrant landscape of Detroit and Michigan.
Be part of the conversation about our 2024 vision – an inspiring roadmap that sets the stage for strategic focus areas, initiatives, and opportunities for your active involvement. Your feedback will shape the future of ForbesBLK, and we want to hear your voice.
Join us for a dynamic virtual experience, filled with insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to be a catalyst for change in ForbesBLK Detroit. Register now, mark your calendars, and let's create a future that reflects the strength and diversity of our community!"
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Event Details
I. Opening Session
Welcome and Introduction
ForbesBLK Overview and Mission
Introduction of Local Advisory Council Members

II. Year-to-Date Report
2023 Achievements Overview
Key Milestones, Accomplishments
Financial and Membership Updates

III. Detroit Advisory Council Introduction 
Introduction of Council Members
Background and Expertise
Vision and Goals

IV. Call to Action for Membership Growth
Membership Analysis
Engagement Strategies
Q&A Session

V. 2024 Vision
ForbesBLK's Vision for 2024
Strategic Focus Areas
Member Involvement Opportunities
Member Feedback

VI. Closing Remarks and Networking 
Acknowledgments and Thank You's
Next Steps and Future Engagements
Virtual Networking Session
General Terms
Event Access:
The event will take place virtually on zoom.
Attendees will receive access links in advance via the provided email.

Participation Guidelines:
Active participation is encouraged through the chat and Q&A features.
Respectful and inclusive communication is expected from all participants.

The meeting will be recorded for archival and accessibility purposes.
Recordings may be shared with members who are unable to attend live.

Agenda Flexibility:
The agenda is subject to minor adjustments based on the needs of the meeting.

Membership Call to Action:
Members are invited to actively engage in the call to action for membership growth.
Questions and feedback related to membership strategies are welcome.
Members are encouraged to share insights and suggestions for the organization's future.
Networking Session:
A virtual networking session will follow the meeting for members to connect.
Opportunities to exchange contact information and collaborate will be provided.

Technical Support:
Technical support will be available during the event for any platform-related issues.
Contact Local Advisory Council for assistance.

Event Feedback:
Members are invited to provide feedback on the event via a post-meeting survey.
Suggestions for improvement and future topics are appreciated.

Event Etiquette:
All participants are expected to adhere to a standard of professional and courteous behavior.
Any disruptive behavior may result in removal from the virtual meeting.
Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

When & Where
Mar 27, 2024 at 7:00 PM EDT
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