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Millennium Age Silent Party:

The Concept: It’s your typical party…with no speakers or amps. Instead, attendees don wireless headphones and turn them to various stations, then boogie on the dance floor amidst other revelers dancing to whatever’s in their headphones.
The Music: Multiple DJs are competing for your attention during this bash, spinning the hottest hits. also switching to old school hits. If you don’t like a song, simply switch your headphones from one station to the next to keep the party going.
The Social Atmosphere: Party-goers can turn down the volume of their headphones or take them off whenever they want to chat with others. Since there are no blaring speakers, it’s way easier to have conversations and meet new people.
Millennium Ages' Silent Parties have taken over numerous cities with its new silent culture wave. The Silent Party Vibe is undeniable when you experience socializing, dancing, and laughing at your friend's excitement from hearing their favorite songs. Don't overthink it! Come allow us to wow your socks off! Grab your good shoes and your best friends and prepare for a night to remember! See ya there!

Millennium Age SILENT PARTY


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**By attending Millennium Age Silent Parties you are subject to your photos and videos being taken and used for our promotional use for, @Millennium_Age and print marketing.*

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Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.