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The Mentoring Leaders' Summit stands as a cornerstone event in our calendar, offering a unique platform to nurture leadership, cultivate mentorship relationships, and drive positive change within our community. This years summit promises to be particularly impactful as we highlight both new and existing mentoring programs and unveil an array of mentoring opportunities for members 
to actively engage in. 


Annenberg Building,

5th Floor, Conference Room 205

1468 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10029


You Can Enter From Madison Avenue Or 5th Avenue:

Entrance #1: 1468 Madison Avenue (East 100th Street & Madison Ave.)

Entrance #2: 1190 5th Avenue (Corner of East 101th Street & 5th Ave.)

  1.    Empowerment through Mentorship: Mentorship lies at the heart of our mission at OHBMNY.
    The summit will showcase a diverse range of mentoring programs designed to inform our leaders of all mentoring programs. By participating in the summit, you'll have the opportunity to explore various mentorship opportunities and connect with program leaders who can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights
  2.    Networking and Collaboration: The Mentoring Leaders' Summit brings together all our leaders, and staff committed to making a positive impact. By attending the summit, you'll have the chance to network with fellow members, and collaborate on initiatives that advance our shared goals and objectives. Together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful change and create lasting impact in our mentees.
  3.    Community Engagement: Your presence at the Mentoring Leaders' Summit demonstrates your commitment to supporting our community and investing in the success of our members. By actively participating in the summit, you'll contribute to the vibrancy and strength of OHBMNY, inspiring others to join us in our mission to uplift and empower Black men and youth across New York City.
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