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Dive into Divine Guidance: A Color Immersive Chakra Journey

In the enchanting Part I of "Divinely Guided: Color Immersive Chakra Experience," our focus was on fostering self-love and restoring equilibrium within the Heart + Solar Plexus chakras. Through a deeply transformative guided journey, participants were guided to harmonize their chakras, rediscover their heartbeat, reconnect with their inner child, and awaken their feminine essence through the power of breath and visualization. A heartfelt thank you to Mahogani Love Jones for lending the ethereal rhythm of her Shaman Drum, adding an exquisite layer to our profound evening.

Missed Part I and II? Don't fret! Mark your calendars for July 17th and join us for Part III.

Part II: Unveiling the Power of the Lower Chakras

In our upcoming session, we'll delve into the depths of the lower two chakras: the Sacral + Root. Together, we'll shed energetic baggage and dissolve imbalances that hinder you from fully embracing your purpose. Prepare to embark on a journey of healing, balance, and profound connection.

PART III: Third Eye + Throat Chakra
Experience a transformative journey through your chakras with Shamonic Reiki Master “Zen Goddess”. Immerse yourself in a colorful, balancing, and energizing experience that will leave you feeling connected and revitalized. Let the changing lights of the stunning [salonlb.] Art Gallery, overlooking the city skyline, guide you through activating your chakra centers and welcming in releasing the old and emerging into the new.


Connect with your breathe and release
Relax, Relate, Release, and be guided on a spiritual journey within to unlock your potential and reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.

Harness the Power of Your Crystal
Connect with your Shamonic reiki infused CLEAR QUARTZ crystal to welcome in balance. Learn how to charge, set an intention, and connect with your crystal ally

Connect with your energy centers
Be immersed in the seven chakra colors as you release stagnet energy from your lower chakras.
TICKET INCLUDES: Raw Reiki Infused CLEAR QUARTZ Crystal + Affirmation Card, Crystal Carrying Bag, a cup of Chakra Tea, Small Journal


BRINGS: Thick Yoga Mat, Light Blanket, Pillow, Journal, Water, and An Open Heart


FREE PARKING: Parking on the West Side of the building


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