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As an extension of our Community Zine Archive: RCHVL, we are hosting a series of artist talks to spotlight each artist and facilitate conversations about their work and their contribution to our ever-growing community zine archive. Each artist talk event is programmed by the artist and a true reflection of their personal creative practices. We encourage everyone to engage fully in the conversations and activites and to support local, independant artist of color as they delve deeper into the creative industry. 

Samm Lee aka LEEZY will be discussing the emotional and creative healing processes behind the creation of her original zine Splatt, Edition 2: what will remain with Cece Alonzo. Lee’s work highlights the painful and delicate nature of grief, and the curiosities that might arise from one’s experience of grief through a creative lens.

Celine Alonzo aka Cece.Beanzzini is a multidisciplinary designer, whose work is rooted in playful, organic forms and imaginative storytelling. Her most recent project was “Digizine”- a collection of photos captured from her experience of carrying a digital camera with her everyday for 2023, paired with questions and music she was exploring with at the time. At this event, she will be selling copies of “Digizine” and customized “Lucky Lighters”- all proceeds will be donated towards the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.

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