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THE DEBAUCHERY BALL LIVING EXHIBITION SERIES IS, on its face, a tasteful, erotically themed festival series where music, art and live performance are synthesized into a memorable, highly charged, sensual, sensory-engaging experience. Its foundation, however, is an odyssey into the world of sexual boundaries and allowance; into protocol, custom and social mores; into evolving attitudes and individual empowerment. It is a celebration of brown bodies freed from societal norms and conventional sensual expression. It’s a study of the relationship between collective freedom and individual comfort, all from a Black cultural lens. It’s a party but…

THE DEBAUCHERY BALL IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A PARTY. It speaks to the importance of consent in a society dominated by racial and gender privilege. It’s an interactive, immersive, multimedia exhibition designed to correct the image of melanated sensuality and empower participants by creating a safe and liberated space free of constriction, objectification and self-deprecation exclusively for people of color.

All of the components (art exhibition, live performance, party, etc...) exist to create a feeling of empowered sexuality that aims to be a balm to those affected by sexual violence, trauma or societal stigma who still believe in a healthier, unapologetic expression of their sensuality and a healing space of conscientious permission.

Welcome to the 19th annual Debauchery Ball!!!

Doors at 9pm
Live performance by Osun's Waters at 10pm
Party from 11pm - until


House music
is our foundation
Freedom is our creed
No creeps, lames or inhibitions allowed
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