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During this event, We will gathering at Republic Garden Silver springs for a night of music, dancing and drinks.

Join us for the UIUDMV Stoplight Social Valentine's Day Party on Saturday, February 24th, from 6pm to 11pm

Get ready to celebrate love and connection with your fellow Igbos and UIU members in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Indulge in a delightful evening filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and the irresistible beats of Afrobeats.

Our Stoplight Social theme adds a unique twist to the celebration - Wel will provide wristbands wear green if you're single and ready to mingle, yellow if it's complicated, and red if you're happily taken. This playful twist will make it easy to connect with like-minded individuals and share the joy of Valentine's Day in a warm and welcoming community.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dance, laugh, and make lasting memories with the UIUDMV community. Mark your calendars, and let's make this Valentine's Day one to remember!               

             #UIUDMVValentineParty #StoplightSocial #LoveAndConnection

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