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Ndeewonu, ndi nwoke!

Long overdue, it's time for us to gather as a group. No man is an island. It's important that we know ourselves first and even more important that we immerse ourselves in Omenala Igbo. This is a step. 

Join us Saturday June 22 4PM for the first men's meeting of the year. Members and nonmembers are welcome.

The main points of discussion will be Oji and Chieftancy. The Kola nut is core to Igbo culture. What is the significance of this millennia old Igbo tradition? How is it performed? We'll discuss this as well as teach the Kola nut prayer for the time that we must perform the ceremonies around Oji. May that time be soon and frequent! In addition, we'll discuss Chieftancy and the process of taking title. 

The Kola nut education and instruction will be led by Chief Wesley Duru, Osina Nwata Buru Ogaranya Nna Nyere ya Akuba of Eziachi. Nze Vincent Ugokwe, Aku'm N'joto will also be present. As titled men, they'll both share their experience taking their respective titles, as well as speak to what it takes to take a title. There will be food and drink be provided!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone soon. One of our fellow men will be hosting us. The location is in New York City in the 10004 zip code. It's accessible to most trains and there is street parking available. We will send the exact location to those that RSVP before the meeting date. 

Anyi ga-ekwu owku!

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