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Ndeewo nuo! UIU Tri-State and the Igbo Podcast have partnered to provide and host a 10 week Igbo class just for you! The classes are run by Igbo Podcast and its Nigeria-based instructors. So join us for 2 hours every Saturday morning starting with our 1st class on March 16th! We are offering a beginner and intermediate class this year, both of which would start in March and run for the full 10 weeks. 

Beginner Class: 10 am - 12pm

Intermediate Class: 11am - 1pm


This is an interactive class with visual, audio, application and conversation modes for an all inclusive learning experience!. Each class will have breakout rooms where individuals are grouped together by proficiency levels to practice conversing in Igbo. Engagement and practice will continue throughout the week as there will be Whatsapp group chats with instructors whereby students can directly interact with an instructor via messages and voicenotes for feedback on prounciations and homework. 

The class will be free for UIU Tri-State members. Non members must pay a one time fee of $125. 

We're excited to offer this once again to you and we are looking forward to being a contributing factor to increase your Igbo proficiency!

Here are some details on the class offerings.

Beginner Class: 10am - 12pm

Our Beginner session focuses on fellow Igbo's amongst us (or anyone willing to learn) who do not understand, speak or can write in Igbo. You will learn the fundamentals of the Igbo language – starting with the basics: the alphabet, numbers & days of the week and much more. Igbo language is complex due to various dialects however, we will be teaching the basics which is understood by all. In addition, one can use what they learn from the beginners class in introducing themselves to other people, engage in basic communication skills and start basic conversations. Learning and comprehension is the key to pronunciation! We guarantee a beautiful experience that will encourage you to feel more comfortable and confident with the language and introduce you to our next sessions (intermediate & advanced) as we progress.

Intermediate Class: 11am - 1pm

This course is a continuation of our first 10 week beginner Igbo course. The course quickly revisits some of the subjects learned in the beginner class then transitions into the intermediate coursework. Some of those additional topics include: Plurals in Igbo, Professions, Heteronyms/ Homographs, To be verbs, Creating How and Why questions, and more. This course has an increased focus on auditory comprehension and speaking practice. It is appropriate for anyone who feels they have enough grasp of some basic Igbo langauge structure and is ready to take a deeper dive into patterns to help construct more conversational sentences. 

NOTE: You DO NOT need to be perfect at beginner grammar topics like pronouns, but if you'd like to slowly review and learn the basics then please consider the Beginner course!


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