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Ujima Jam Sessions ( are farmer-focused engagements that are virtual or in-person and focused on: sharing information (guest speakers), sharing resources, learning together, and helping each other out on our farms (think all-hands work days, with refreshments and/or on-farm demos from experts).

Launched in 2022 as peer learning circles to better meet the needs of Black and other underserved beginning farmers in Future Harvest's Beginning Farmer Training Program, Ujima Jams are now a farmer-led initiative supported by OurSpace.

Join us at Sisters of the Soil Farm as we harvest sweet potatoes and get our hands in the soil!


Sisters of the Soil Community Farm is a Black women-owned, no-till farm located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. We are committed to holistic and regenerative practices that improve the health of the land, plants, and community. Sisters of the Soil puts a lot of emphasis on the soil because it allows the veggies we grow to sustain a community and increase its health. The health of the soil is the health of the plant and ultimately a large part of the health of the individual and the collective community.

The sweet potatoes we will be harvesting are part of our legacy and we want to share it with you.

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