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Music festival, trap karaoke, and a whole lot of energy to end the summer on a high note! Also, BeeKay's turning 30!


We are coming up on the end of summer which means one thing: Virgo Season is upon us!

The party of 2020 is coming BACK and better!

Join me as i celebrate my 30th trip around the sun with a backyard festival like nothing before.

There are three phases to this festival: Concert, Karaoke, & PARTY.

Kicking things off with some live performances from some very special guests (including a headlining set by yours truly). This is in a big ass backyard, so bring your lawn chairs and blankets, we are doing Ravinia/SoFar Sounds style seating. Social distancing won't be hard at all.

After the live music stops, the DJ keeps the vibes up and ushers us into trap karaoke. There won't be any screens for the lyrics on stage sooo know them, or don't know them and just use your phone. Idc, just come ready to have a ball with me.


Oh yeah, stream my latest single "In a Minute" by BeeDotKay Feat. Rockie Fresh