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Winter Babies Revenge is the summertime outgrowth of The DBall, a healing celebration of melanated sensuality, liberation and consent from a Black cultural lens. House is our foundation. Freedom is our creed. Lames, creep and inhibitions are strictly prohibited. The hottest, most unique and exclusive living art experience in Chicago. AfroErotic attire is mandatory (see app & pages for examples). Body paint IS acceptable clothing. Location is classified and only available to ticket holders. Get yours to get in NOW because space is limited and tickets will sell out.

We are ultra excited about this 20th anniversary season for the Debauchery Ball series and we are going BIG. Can't tell you where WBR is taking place just yet but know that we are going crazy holding that announcement down! Stay tune, interact in the app and you will know well in advance this time. Just prepare. This is gonna be WILD! 

Winter Babies Revenge creates an active, healing environment where an expected 400 people, ranging in age from 21-70 years, come to be surrounded by melanated beauty in paint, imagination and risqué costumes. Here they find that they are the art and, simply by their presence, validate the artistic quality of all others present. This is a living exhibition of love, bliss, and reverence by a carefully curated, costumed audience. All of the components exist to create a feeling of empowered sexuality designed to be a balm to those affected by sexual violence who still believe in a healthier expression of their sensuality and a healing space of conscientious freedom to all.

Sponsorship opportunities available. 
5% of ticket sales go to a local charity advocating for sexual abuse victims. 

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General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Item Transfer Policy

While tickets are non-refundable you may tranfer to another attendee if you are, for whatever reason, unable to attend. Please do so where instruction in this application. 

Age Restriction


Miscellaneous Policies

Dress code will be strictly enforced. The theme is "AfroErotic/Black Divinity." This is a celebration of our vibrantness and vivaciousness. Bring those colors in a cultural and kinky manner (to your level of comfort)! Embrace, embody and exude YOUR inner divinity. Is it Kemetic (Egyptian), Ifa, Olmec, Aztec or just a higher vibrating ideal you pull out of your own heart. It's on you! Think Met Ball but WAY nakeder, sweatier and Afrocentric!!!